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As a company spokesperson noted, the timing for the launch of the new Mellanni Microfiber bedding collections could not be any better; the holidays are just around the corner and people are already wondering what they can give their loved ones as gifts. The queen bedding sets, which are also available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, King and California King sizes, will be the perfect present for kids, teens and adults of all ages. To watch a short video about the Mellanni company and their top quality bed sheets, please check out . In addition to being comfortable and luxurious, the new Mellanni Microfiber Printed Sheet Sets are also exceptionally easy to work with. The fitted sheet features elastic all the way around, not just at the corners, and they can easily fit mattresses up to 16 inches high. "Our fine linens wrap you in elegance, luxury and comfort, and our new bedding sets have been tailored with a sophisticated Quatrefoil design, which is carefully crafted to add exquisite class to any bedroom," the spokesperson said, adding that from bedrooms and RVs to dorm rooms, vacation homes and more, the new Mellanni sheets are also simple to care for. Mellanni also offers a 100 percent "no questions asked" lifetime guarantee on their sheet sets. Anybody who would like to receive regular updates about the company, including their bedding duvet cover collection, king comforter sets and more, are welcome to "like" their Mellanni Fine Linens Facebook page. About Mellanni Fine Linens: Mellanni Fine Linens strives to wrap their customers in elegant, luxurious and comfortable bedding products.

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Her passion turned into a profession when she met husband, Frank, who had been in the renovation business for 15 years, and the two joined forces.Their impressiveexperience pairedwith their passionate Italian personalities have led the duo to star in anew FYI Network series, Downtown Shabby , premiering on October 15. RELATED:WATCH: RHONYs Luann de Lesseps Debuts Her Bedding Collection: Its Really a Style of Living When Frank and I met, it truly was a marriage of both of those worlds, she says. Frank adds, Truth be told, she seduced me into helping her flip one of her homes when we met. She was like, Oh come over, Ill cook dinner for you, and I show up and the house is like dilapidated. The showwill follow Frank and Sherry as they transform ramshackle old houses into modern homes while still preserving the structures original integrity.Restoring the properties is hard enough as it is Owning an old home is a lifestyle, Frank says but working around the clock with your spouse is an entirely separate challenge. To be completely honest, theres a lot of ups and downs, Sherry says. Were definitely not afraid of going head to head when we need to. But honestly, I wouldnt have it any other way, Frank adds. I love my wife to death and we have two awesome kids, and to be able to share this experience with her and have it documented for the world to see, thats just something special that will never happen again. FYI Network RELATED:Flip or Flops Tarek and Christina El Moussas Rustic-Glam House Took 2 Years to Renovate! Doling out bad news to clients is definitely part of the job description when it comes to fixing up anaging property,and the two admit that they have very different approaches. Im fearless and Im all about the real facts, Sherry says.

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All our bedframes are complimented with bedroom home furniture with simple style.Zentai also create a range of Latex mattresses and Latex pillows which are produced from 100% organic rubber. Bed insects have got been producing a large return, and home infestations of Cimex lectularius are becoming reported in raising amounts. A quick notice: This is definitely highly frowned upon, because by throwing out your home furniture and clothes and other items, you are sending the bugs off to infest somewhere else. Be sure the bed sand iron is certainly relaxing on the bottom level piece, and not on a quilt that can trigger it to move in the night. Because we spend approximately a third of our existence in bed, a mattress that eases tired muscle tissue and joints and is great for your posture which is normally certainly well well worth searching into. As a university college student living aside for the 1st time, you may have under no circumstances provided a second idea to the different sizes obtainable for two size bedrooms.A total electrical blanket provides ideal safety so now there no frosty places anyplace in your bed.Because bed bug bites influence everyone differently, some individuals may have no response and will not really develop mouthful marks or any various other visible indications of becoming injured. The latex polyurethane foam mattress is great for offering support for those which back and shoulder aches. We're now moving to explain the method to solve these abnormalities best right now.

"We have to receive and process this telemetry (data) first and after that we can say what has happened. But on the side of (Schiaparelli) I would say that the separation was a success," Paolo Ferri, head of mission operations at ESA, told Reuters TV at ESA's Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany. Schiaparelli, part of the European-Russian ExoMars program, represents only the second European attempt to land a craft on Mars, after a failed mission by Britain's Beagle 2 in 2003. Landing on Mars, Earth's neighbor some 35 million miles (56 million km) away, is a notoriously difficult task that has bedeviled most Russian efforts and given NASA trouble as well. The United States currently has two operational rovers on Mars, Curiosity and Opportunity. But a seemingly hostile environment has not detracted from the allure of Mars, with U.S. President Barack Obama recently highlighting his pledge to send people to the planet by the 2030s. Elon Musk's SpaceX is developing a massive rocket and capsule to transport large numbers of people and cargo to Mars with the ultimate goal of colonizing the planet, with Musk saying he would like to launch the first crew as early as 2024. The primary goal of ExoMars is to find out ชุด ผ้าปูที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต whether life has ever existed on Mars. The current spacecraft, TGO, carries an atmospheric probe to study trace gases such as methane around the planet.